FUNKY PUNCH: Free Style App Reviews

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It ok

It ok I guess kinda fun


It's ok

Great Game! Get It Now

I Love this game! The one thing is I would like some updates with new chariters and levals.

Best game ever!!!!!

GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Waste of time do not install this stupid game

great freakin game love have to buy full version cant even stop playing ;-)


cool fighter game,but frustrating!

its really addicting,but there are only 4 characters!plus,i found the only guys u can have a surefire win with are rodric and vincent,the smileys almost ALWAYS lose!plus,it needs some lives,like 2 rounds or also needs a stage selection option,and more combos.i also found it frustrating when ur guy dances,i dunno how 2 stop it,so the opponet ends up knocking me back,leaving me on the floor!overall a great game,though.very addicting

It is awsom

I love this game


Ive never had this much fun on a free fighting game this is a fabulous app.


Why does this app keep saying "This file cannot be used because the original file cannot be found"?


Da game iz good...but it jus needz more Characterz....VINCENT ROCKZ!!!!


Needs more characters very fun ;)

Fun but ends fast

Took me 6 seconds

Awesome app

This app is really fun and has alot of cool features,however it does need some more characters. If you want a game that has some action then get this app and if you like it then get the paid version of this app.

Cool 

Need to get 


This game is very fun since it's free I reccomend you buy it beat and deleat it

High Potential

A fully 3D 1 on 1 fighter with a great style and music. I can see a lot of potential here, but the crashing is so frequent it becomes unplayable. If this gets fixed, I can see this app making the top 25, especially since it's free!

Need more chracters

Mindblowing game but need an update on new characters

I would have bought the full but...

First of all, who wants to fight with 10 year olds? Second, the characters are very plain. Update the textures for a better experience. Third, the GUI for this game is really bad looking. That should be updated as well.


强烈推荐! Awesome game.



Full needs to be much cheaper


This is the best game ever


Probably will by full version.

Cool app

Love it


It's fun but full version should be 99 cents.


Ummm don't down load waist of time

Funky Fun

It's a lotta fun- and addictive. My wife made me take it off. I'll prob end up buying the full version next week.

Cool but it...

It needs more people.


Not really that fun and a bit hard...-.- There are a bunch of different games I would recommend before this one...



This is quite stupid

Thanks bed wetter

Fun but tricky

This is a really fun game but bad stability so this would have gotten if u fix stability so fix it plz

Very easy!!!

The best!!! I love the full version because it has all 13 characters!!! Day 1: Today I'll play using Vincent!!! Meanwhile......................... What!!! Drat I lost!!! Day 2: Maybe I'll use Rodrick today Meanwhile......................... Huh? That's it,that's all there is!? Day 3 and last: I will use Rodrick forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The End.

Cool but..

Add some fatalities and this becomes an instantaneous 5 Star hit.

Cool but.

Could use more charcters


This app is cool

Sweet game

This game is highly addictive! It may have little amount of chars a only 1 game mode yet still great for free 5 stars

I wish there was a zero star

If there was zero stars that's what I would give this game

Wow good job

I got this game realy not know what to expect and I was plesantly suprised great job


gereat but sound gets a tad (extremely) annoying!

The best itouch game ever!!!!!!!

this game is soooo amazing! I am definatly getting the full version!!!!!! :)

Prety good

Awsome game needs more content though


Cool game everything is great but needs more characters and mabye different game.modes and then this game will be perfect. So please make that update!!!!


This is a very fun app... For a free one

Pretty Close

This is great, make it longer, more features, otherwise it's perfect. Love that it's free!!

Poor controls play unbalanced.

Tried on iPod and iPhone. Controls lag and unresponsive. No balance between characters. Unfortunate game has potential.


Controls take awhile to remember needs a few more characters maybe overall pretty fun